Thursday - Pizza Night

Enjoy The Stage Restaurant Pizza Night! A great pizza menu with delicious vegetarian and meaty toppings. With homemade pizzas from £6.50 pp who wouldn't love our 'Pizza Night'?
Please note: For any bookings over 10 people we require a pre-order, whether that’s afternoon tea or a restaurant booking.

Homemade thin crust pizza topped with our own tomato sauce and mozzarella,  then stone baked to order:-

  • Pepperoni pizza £7.50

  • Inferno Pizza £7.95 (pepperoni and jalapenos)

  • Hawaiian Pizza £7.95 (ham and pineapple)

  • Pollo Provençale £7.95 (chicken breast, Mediterranean vegetables and pesto)

  • Meat Feast £8.95 (pepperoni, sausage, chorizo, chicken, ham and red peppers)

  • Veggie £7.95 (peppers, onion, mushroom, olives, sweet corn)

Extra toppings £1 each

  • Pepperoni
  • jalapenos
  • ham
  • pineapple  
  • mushroom 
  • red peppers 
  • olives 
  • onion
  • sausage
  • chicken

**Please note this offer isn't available during December